Mental Health Schools Presentation - Rachael Stevens

Rachael’s offers 2 Mental Health presentations to schools across Australia


A 1 hour ‘ Choose Life’ Inspirational Presentation


This one hour mental health presentation impacts and inspires students to identify why they ‘Choose Life’ even in the midst of great challenges and difficulties.

Rachael Stevens openly shares her struggles growing up in a dysfunctional family and speaks honestly about overcoming self-harm, suicidality and anorexia as a teenager. This engaging presentation demonstrates to students that it doesn’t matter what they have been through, or what they are currently struggling with – there is always hope and their future has potential. It explores self-esteem, mental health, suicide prevention and body image.

Rachael’s talk also involves videos, real stories and interactive activities which demonstrate the importance of choosing life when things get tough.

This presentation encourages students to access mental health support in their school and local community. Service information is provided after the presentation.

This practical and engaging 1 hour talk combines real stories, with current mental health information focusing on strength, resilience, courage and potential.


4 Week ‘Inspiring Courage’



This program is targeted towards at-risk students. It is most effectively run over 4 weeks with smaller group numbers (10-15), it can however be run as a day program. This makes it more accessible to a broader range of schools.

1.En{Courage} Resilience: Week 1 introduces and inspires students to the notion that they have the ability to

overcome adversity and challenges. It highlights practical ways in which students can enhance and grow their capacity to handle life’s difficulties.

2. En{joy} Life: Week 2 focuses on joy. It encourages students to consider what they enjoy and love about life.

Through activities students are encouraged to discover and discuss what they are passionate about. It emphasises the importance of moving forward from hard situations and embracing life regardless of limitations and struggles.

3. En{Vision} Potential: Week 3 challenges students to see their value and worth as individuals. It focuses on self-esteem, confidence and potential.

4. En{Power} Purpose: The final week centres on purpose, empowering students to imagine the future they wish to live. Students engage with activities which allow them to identi-fy their dreams, hopes and life’s purpose.

“Together we create a culture of encouragement, through resilience, connection and hope” Rachael Stevens

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  • There is no evidence that suggests asking a young person about suicidal thoughts or behaviour is harmful or puts ideas in their head, there are just different ways of going about that ... Suicidal thoughts are very common among young people, and the research shows clearly that talking about it in a safe way is a positive thing ... I hope Rachael’s message changes one person’s thoughts. That would be a great result.

    Jason Trethowan Headspace Chief Executive Officer