About - Rachael Stevens

Rachael is an inspiring multi-award winning female communicator.

She is a survivor of a suicide attempt, depression and a severe eating disorder. Her powerful and honest story of recovery has inspired & motivated thousands of people throughout Australia.

At 15 Rachael was hospitalised into a psychiatric ward with anorexia. Later she dropped out of high school after being hospitalised again for attempting suicide. At this point she was informed she would never be able to work or study full time for the remainder of life.

Today her life looks remarkably different.

Rachael has overcame these immense challenges and recovered. Today she bravely shares her personal struggles to inspire others to seek help and move forward.

Rachael has published her story as a novel, entitled The Skeleton Diaries. Her book has inspired countless people suffering with eating disorders. For her work inspiring hope in the lives of Australians, Rachael was an ACT Finalist for the 2017 Young Australian of the Year Award. In 2016 she won the ACT Young Woman of the Year Award.

Rachael also partners with Life Choices Foundation to reach high schools students around Australia. She speaks openly about challenging subjects head-on with clarity and compassion. She is an outspoken advocate for youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Despite dropping out of high school she is currently undertaking her Masters in Health, Culture and Medicine at The Australian National University, blending her life experiences with a deep and insightful understanding of the nature of health, sickness and healing in a local and global context. Rachael is also an aspiring artist that uses art to uniquely express herself.

Rachael’s story demonstrates that choosing life is a decision that we must all decide to make, regardless of life’s adversity, setbacks and challenges. Her authentic and meaningful keynote presentations connect with the heart of listeners, engaging audiences to view mental health in a positive light.

She offers a unique and courageous insight into battling, living with and overcoming mental illness.

Image Credit: Tracy Lee Photography

Previous Awards and Recognition

2017: Canberra Citizen of the Year Finalist
2017: Young Achievers Finalist Leadership Award
2017: Finalist ACT Young Australian of the Year
2016: Winner of the ACT Young Woman of the Year Award
2016: Australian of the Day January 4th
2016: Young Achievers Finalist Leadership Award
2015: Winner of the Mental Health Week Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention Award
2015: National Youth Week Courage Award Finalist
2014: Lifeline Rising Woman of Spirit Finalist

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